Forecast and Trends for Quantum Dots and QLED / HDR TVs

Ross Young and Bob O’Brien
Display Supply Chain Consultants

Presented by Chris Chinnock, Insight Media

This first part of this presentation will examine the quantum dot and OLED production supply chain, especially capacities and costs. There is no doubt that capacity will constrain OLED TV production, but will not be a constraint for quantum dot TVs. This presentation will provide a forecast for quantum dot and OLED TVs. It will also provide a cost forecast of quantum dot TVs vs. OLED TVs.

The second part presentation will review some key factors driving the 240 million unit global TV market.  The presentation will include a forecast on OLED and Quantum Dot TVs as well as the expected growth of screen sizes and the current state of the market for premium features such as Wide Color Gamut and HDR.