Exploring the future integration modes of quantum dots in mainstream displays

Presenter: Dr. Brian Gally, Head of Product, Nanoco

Abstract: Quantum dots continue to be the most talked about technology in major trade shows of 2018 as consumers and digital content producers are increasingly demanding higher visual performance from their screens. At the same time, manufacturers are keen to find a cost effective solution that works with their existing LCD technology which is likely to remain dominant for the foreseeable future. In light of this, quantum dots tick all the right boxes: they provide exceptional color performance at high brightness while being both cost effective and environmentally sustainable. However, it still remains to be seen in what way QDs will be integrated into displays as the technology becomes more prevalent in a wider range of display applications. Will the currently popular QD films with blue BLU stay dominant, or will it be overtaken by QDs that are incorporated into light guide plates, QDs with EL backlight or perhaps QDs films with miniLEDs or microLEDs. In this talk, Brian Gally will be exploring what QD mode may be used in the next generation of displays as the technology becomes increasingly mainstream.

Bio: Head of Product at Nanoco, Dr. Brian Gally specializes in bringing technical products to market and crafting product narratives that drive consumer and ecosystem engagement. Prior to joining Nanoco, Gally was Vice President, Internet of Things, at LitePoint where he was responsible for driving and executing LitePoint’s IOT and M2M strategy and solutions.  Prior to this role, Gally was Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, at Qualcomm where he led a global product and marketing team in displays, mobile, wearables and IOT.  Gally holds a Sc.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University.