Enabling Laser-based Mass Transfer of LEDs at Over 100M Devices per hour

Presenter: Francois Henley, President and CEO Tesoro Scientific and QMAT, Inc

Abstract: There are three main problems with microLED commercialization:

  • The high cost and variability of the microLED devices and print processes
  • The lack of manufacturing technologies necessary to test, transfer, and interconnect these devices reliably on the display surface.
  • Low microLED efficiency at the 5-50um form factor.

To address these issues, QMAT is developing a novel epi wafer technology that improves microLED efficiency, uniformity and manufacturability. Tesoro Scientific is developing compatible mass-production capable equipment designed to functionally inspect the microLED devices to identify known good die and then very rapidly remove the devices using a laser ablation process.  The presentation will describe this manufacturing process combining an epi wafer with integrated test and release layers with functional test & mass-transfer equipment to realize high-yield microLED mass-production.

Bio: Francois J. Henley is President and CEO of QMAT, Inc., a developer of engineered substrate process technology for the optoelectronics and power electronics markets. Prior to QMAT, Mr. Henley was the founder and President of Silicon Genesis Inc. (SiGen, an electronic substrate technology company). Mr. Henley was also the founder and President of Photon Dynamics, a leader in LCD flat-panel production test equipment using the Voltage Imaging method for TFT array test he invented.

Mr. Henley holds a BSEE from RPI and an MSEE from the University of California, Berkeley, where he also completed PhD course requirements in quantum electronics and semiconductor materials science. Mr. Henley has authored over 30 papers and articles and is named in over 140 patents in the areas of metrology, SOI and opto-electronic processing.