Displays using microLEDs fabricated directly on metal foil

Abstract: iBeam Materials has developed a unique approach to fabricating GaN-based LEDs directly on a flexible metal foil, a process we call GaN-on-Metal. This enables scaled up processing for LED devices, going from fabrication of wafers of six inches, as currently used in manufacturing, to kilometer lengths by roll-to-roll fabrication. Such an extreme scale up reduces cost per unit LED area and makes monolithic integration of large areas with millions of devices possible for display applications. Transistor devices can be either overlayed or integrated into the epi-GaN sheet.

We describe our process and results obtained thus far. The extreme scale-up of LED manufacturing offered by the roll-to-roll process also meets the needs of the future microLED display industry, since current world-wide production levels are on order of magnitude lower than what would be needed in the future. Furthermore, we will discuss the scale up to a roll-to-roll process and how displays could be made, including future light-field displays.

Speaker: Vladimir (Vlad) Matias, Founder and President, iBeam Materials

Bio:  Having attained his degrees from Caltech (BS) and Stanford (PhD), Vlad has over 25 years of experience with advanced thin film technology, both within the commercial sector in two startups (Conductus in California and Oxxel in Germany) and in government R&D supporting the development of commercial technologies. At Los Alamos National Lab he worked closely with industry in technology transfer for more than a decade and has been involved in technology developments from initial scientific breakthroughs through to manufacturing and commercialization. He is the world leader in the development of the ion-beam alignment process and associated technologies, with about 150 technical papers and over a dozen related patents. Vlad and his team were also recognized by two national R&D 100 awards (2003 and 2010). He has extensive experience in applied R&D and in what it takes to bring new materials to market.