DisplayPort: 4K and Beyond

Syed Hussain, Display Domain Fellow, AMD (VESA)

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Syed Athar Hussain is a Display Domain Fellow at AMD, where he has worked on display strategy and architecture development since 2005. Prior to that, Syed was an engineer and team leader at ATI and Taymer Industries.

A prominent participant in the display technology eco-system, Syed is a VESA (Video Electronics Standards Assoc.) Board Vice Chairman, and a significant contributor to a variety of VESA standards. He is also an active member and specification contributor to the Wigig Display Extension, WiFi Alliance and CEA.


DisplayPort is built on a packet-based architecture. This makes it a uniquely flexible and extensible video interface standard, and it also enables tunneling of the display stream on other interface protocols.

The speaker will review the latest developments in the DisplayPort standard: tiled displays and multi-stream for multiple monitors; market proven support for deep color 4K resolutions; a new compression standard that will take DisplayPort beyond 4K; Adaptive-sync, which matches computer render rates to display refresh rates; and DockPort which adds USB data transport and power over the DisplayPort cable and connector.