DigiLens – A Systematic Approach to Optical Waveguide Development for AR and VR applications

Jonathan D. Waldern, Ph.D. Founder & CEO

Jonathan Waldren


Dr. Waldern completed a Ph.D. scholarship in VR, at Loughbrough University of Technology under UK’s advanced computing initiative. He founded Virtuality Inc, a pioneer in VR training and entertainment. Following a successful IPO, he emigrated to California to pursue research interests. DigiLens, Inc., materials and waveguide platform applications redress the fundamental deficiencies of classical optics and today the company manufactures a range of ultra-thin, AR, VR and Biometric sensor products. A named inventor on over 75 patents, he is also the recipient of three national small business awards for innovation, manufacturing and management. Photonics Spectra awarded DigiLens “Optical Component Gold”.


DigiLens Inc., a leader in holographic optical waveguide technology, is developing critical displays and sensors for the Augmented and Virtual Reality markets.  Our waveguide platform uses Switchable Bragg Gratings (SBGs), which have distinct advantages including for example, high frequency eye tracking and switchable input gratings avoiding chromatic dispersion in 3mm thin, full color, eyeglass displays. Multiple gratings (“Multiplex”) may also be written in the same waveguide, greatly enhancing angular bandwidth, providing up to 40° in a single waveguide with 98% peak efficiency. Finally, manufacture is by a contact copy printing, where the waveguide optics are literally printed on flat flexible glass layers, offering significant cost and assembly advantages.