Crossing the Holographic Chasm – Navigating Early Opportunities in a Broad Marketplace

Holographic displays are one of those technologies that have existed in the public consciousness primarily as science fiction, yet in the past few years have evolved to a question of “when”, not “if”.  But as with all new product categories, the adoption chasm is wide and enveloped in fog, and it will be critical for everyone interested in the field to find early opportunities to incubate and mature the technologies and surrounding ecosystems.  We will provide a short Avalon corporate update, a review of several commonly identified early use cases and markets for holographic display technologies, and a discussion of display system economics.

Russ Baker, co-founder and Vice President of Business Development, Avalon Holographics

Russ has accumulated over twenty years of development, sales, marketing and executive experience in deeply technical fields such as optical telecom, data networking, semiconductors, embedded software, and security.  Russ has spent nearly his entire career in technology startups, which has provided a depth of experience in bringing highly complex technologies from the idea stage through to market adoption.  Avalon is his fifth startup, with the previous four all leading to successful acquisitions by well-known industry players.  Russ lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), although he spends a lot of his time wherever the customers, partners or investors are.  He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Minor) from the University of Calgary.