Comparison Testing of Solid State Projectors vs. Projector with New High Lumen Density (HLD) LED Light Source

Chris Chinnock

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Chris Chinnock is the Founder and President of Insight Media and heads a team of industry analysts that offers consulting services, market and technology reports and marketing services for the consumer electronics, ProAV, cinema, broadcast and display industries.  He writes and speaks often on advanced technology topics and is also the co-founder of the 3D @ Home Consortium.


Insight Media, in collaboration with Philips Lighting, have conducted an image perception survey with 300 people viewing identical images from four unmarked projectors.  The comparison was done to see if the newly-developed LED technology called High Lumen Density (HLD) by Philips, was able to offer bright and best in color images in a normally lit environment.  And, the team wondered how these images would compare to those produced by competing solid state projection options such as RGB LED, laser phosphor and hybrid (laser and LED).  The results showed that highly saturated and best in class colors are possible in rooms with normal illumination.  The paper will present the test methodology, test procedure and summary of findings.