Color Accuracy: The Missing Piece of the Projection Image Puzzle

Felix Pimentel, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Felix Pimentel, DSCE is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at BenQ America. Felix is a veteran of the projection industry with over 20 years of experience. Using a practical approach to problem solving Felix has at various stages in his career contributed to projection industry innovation and renewal and is eager to share his knowledge. Felix has worked for industry leaders such as Christie Digital, Crestron Electronics and InFocus. Felix is SUNY at Stony Brook alumni and currently resides in San Diego, CA with his wife and two small children.


What’s more important: brightness or color accuracy? The projection industry continues to focus on increased brightness despite studies showing that color consistency is a key element in corporate decision-making. So isn’t it time we shifted our focus to image quality aspects that have true meaning for customers? This session will go beyond traditional projector specs to explore how color gamut, white points, and other metrics offer consumers better ways of assessing display quality. It will also highlight how the projector evaluation process differs from visual display products such as monitors, printers, and cameras. Participants will gain insights into displays that are built to specific standards, including the sRGB color space, which ensures that color is consistently reproduced across different devices. In addition, experimental survey results will show how viewers experience higher perceived brightness with color accurate displays as opposed to projectors with higher brightness ratings.