Bringing Human Dimension to Virtual Experience

Immersive and holographic media require new approaches for world building and storytelling; We are breaking free from the frame and into fully immersive worlds. Creating realistic live action scenes that display dimension is a mandate for bringing reality into both AR and VR, and the workflows for doing so are finally ready to scale. In this talk, Christina Heller of Metastage discusses volumetric capture, the process for bringing authentic human performances into virtual worlds. Metastage works with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture to create fully 3D performance captures that can be easily implemented into game engines and distributed across platforms. Heller delves into the production process, use cases, and roadmap for this growing new medium, the closest thing to the true life experience of what transpired live.

Christina Heller, CEO, Metastage

Metastage is an XR studio that brings real people and performances into digital worlds through volumetric capture and complementary tools. Metastage is the first US partner for the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture system and located in Los Angeles.

Prior to leading Metastage, Christina was the Co-Founder and CEO of VR Playhouse, an immersive content company based out of Los Angeles. She is a recipient of the Advanced Imaging Society’s 2018 Distinguished Leadership in Technology Award, the California Women’s Leadership “Women to Watch” Award and was named in the Huffington Post as one of 5 women changing the virtual reality scene by Craig Newmark. She is proud to have contributed to over 80 immersive projects.