All-diode RGB laser systems for digital cinema

Petteri Uusimaa, President & CEO (Modulight)

Uusimaa Petteri 151x195


Dr. Uusimaa is a founder and CEO of Modulight, Inc., an ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 certified laser solutions provider based in Tampere, Finland and San Jose, CA. Modulight designs and manufactures InP and GaAs based laser diode components and systems for life science, security, industrial and projection markets.  Prior to joining Modulight in 2000 he was a founder and Managing director of Nordic Epitaxy, Inc., a company providing compound semiconductor epiwafers to photonics and microwave industries. Since 1997 Dr. Uusimaa has been managing semiconductor related sales to multinational companies. He has a PhD degree in semiconductor physics from Tampere university of Technology.


During that past years lasers have been widely studied as an alternative illumination solution to lamp based projectors used in digital cinema. Especially the lower brightness experienced in polarization based 3D cinema has driven development of light sources that could provide stepwise increase in illumination brightness and longevity.  Semiconductor laser diodes are the most compact, the lowest cost and the highest efficiency laser sources and are thus considered as an ideal choice for digital cinema illumination in the future. Cinema scale red and blue laser diode based illumination solutions have been already demonstrated by some projector manufacturers and illumination solutions providers. However, so far green color in these platform has been realised by solid state lasers or frequency doubled laser diodes suffering from lower efficiency and bulky designs. In this work we present the performance analysis of the all-diode RGB laser solution (635nm, 520nm, and 465nm) for DCI. The study includes the illumination system efficiency and cost analysis along with color and brightness performance including also possible solutions for 6P 3D application.