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Preliminary Sessions:

  • Better Pixels – Developments and prospects to offer solutions with high dynamic range, expanded color gamut, higher frame rates and more resolution
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality – Developments and prospects of efforts to offer solutions in VR and AR for professional use
  • The Cloud Impact – How the cloud is changing the way we access, interact and process information and videos in professional applications
  • Connectivity – Wired and wireless connectivity advances
  • Acquisition – 6K, 8K, 360-degree, 3D
  • Image Generation – 3D scanning, game engines, GPUs, CPUs advancements for computer generated content

Display Summit will also seek to develop unique demonstrations that offer never-before scene demo and side-by-side comparisons.

Ideas open for discussion with potential industry participants include:

  • High dynamic range – projectors and flat panels compare normal and high dynamic range images
  • Wide color gamut – side by side with flat panels and projectors tuned to 2020, P3 and rec 709 color space
  • High frame rate – flat panels and projectors running same content at 60, 120 and 240 frames per second
  • 4K pixel – native 4K vs. time shifting (e-shift) 1080 projectors to create 4K image
  • The 4K distribution challenge: How far can you go?
  • LED vs.LCD -a side by side comparison between a 1mm LED monitor and a high-brightness large scale LCD video wall panels


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