Addressing the Challenges of Selling 8K

Presenter: Chris Chinnock, President, Insight Media

Abstract: This presentation will review the state of the 8K ecosystem from capture through mastering to distribution and display.  Maturity in each stage is necessary.  Will 8K be like 4K or HD transitions?  Are solid business models the driver or something else?  Is a new industry association needed to help educate consumers and professional about 8K?

Bio:  Chris is the President and founder of Insight Media, a consultancy focused on the emerging technologies in the display industry.  Currently these areas include HDR, wide color gamut, light field ecosystem, 8K, next generation cinema, microLEDs and more.  Over the last 20 years, Chris has by-lined hundreds of articles, developed dozens of technology/market reports and white papers, offered strategic consulting services and organized technology-market focused conferences.  Display Summit is now in it 18th year.  Chirs is also the co-founder of the 3D@Home Consortium.