8K Display Summit 2019

June 11, Millennium Times Square, New York City

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The 8K era has started with 8K broadcasting already underway in Japan.  It is still early days for 8K and not all are convinced of the benefits of 8K or that it is inevitable.  To discuss these and other issues, Insight Media, with sponsorship by Samsung Electronics, is organizing a one-day event to focus on the benefits and challenges of adopting 8K.

Topics to be covered in the event include:

  • The status of the 8K ecosystem today
  • The forecasts for 8K in the future
  • The efforts of the 8K Association
  • The drivers for 8K content creation
  • The issues with 8K content production and delivery
  • The technology trends in 8K TVs
  • The performance of 8K TVs
  • Dispelling myths around 8K

The event is intended for technical personnel, business development, senior executives and technical media with an interest in any or all aspects of the emerging 8K ecosystem.

To register, please go to: https://tinyurl.com/y4wqb2l9