8K Association Overview

The 8K Association (8KA) was formed in January 2019 by leading TV brands and panel makers.  The organization is now expanding membership to include the rest of the 8K ecosystem.  This talk will describe the reasons for the formation of 8KA, the goals and activities of the organization, along with its organizational structure and status of activities.


Chris Chinnock, Executive Director, 8K Association

In his role as Executive Director of the 8K Association, Chris helps to manage the organization, is involved in the work groups and activities of the Board of Directors, and helps organize face-to-face member meetings and industry seminars, such as the recent 8K seminar at NAB 2019.  Chris is also the president of Insight Media, a display-focused consultancy.  Current areas of interest include 8K, microLEDs, high dynamic range, wide color gamut, light field and holographic displays.