4K and 8K Streaming with 5G NR Technology

This talk will be in two parts.  First will be a brief introduction to 5G and 5G NR technology to be used in the next generation of cellular networks.  One of the promises of the 5G technology is ultra-high download and upload speeds, up to 100x the speed of 4G/LTE or 10x the speed of 4G/LTE Advanced.  In addition to cellular networks, the technology is usable for other applications requiring high data rates as well. The second part of the talk will discuss how 5G will enhance video streaming, especially the streaming of high-resolution content needed by today’s high resolution displays.


Matthew Brennesholtz, Principal, Brennesholtz Consulting

Matthew Brennesholtz has 41 years experience in the display industry, starting with the design and manufacturing of CRTs at GTE/Sylvania and Philips in 1978.  Since then he has worked for GE on the Talaria projector, Philips Research on a variety of display technologies and Philips LMS on LCoS microdisplay projection systems.  After leaving Philips in 2004 he went to Insight Media, a publishing and consulting firm for display technology.  Currently he is an independent consultant to the display industry and writes about various topics, mostly related to displays and the related technologies needed to support the displays, for Meko (Display Daily) and Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).  He is a Life Member of SMPTE and a Senior Member of the SID.