2018 Display Summit

October 2-3, Harman International facility, Northridge, California

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The 2018 Display Summit is organized by Insight Media and hosted by Harman International.  This year’s event will focus on audio and visual display solutions for next generation large venues.  Most of the emphasis will be on cinema, but theme parks, simulation system, planetariums and more will also be considered.  The emergence of LED-based cinema solutions and the ability to create and display an HDR image in the cinema has raised many questions about the specifications, mastering and distribution formats, security, the creative implications of HDR in cinemas, audio solutions for non-transparent screens and much more.  On the horizon are light field display solutions as well with a similar set of issues to define and develop.  Display Summit 2018 will be dedicated to identifying and discussing these challenges and opportunities.

The event will be technical in nature with attendees and speakers coming from:

  • Professional projection, LCD and LED component suppliers
  • Professional projection and LCD and LED manufacturers
  • Light field capture, distribution and display technology developers
  • 3D visualization integrators and developers (stereoscopic, holographic, volumetric)
  • microLED epi wafer developers, equipment providers and mass transfer companies
  • Industry forecasters
  • Standards organizations
  • Studios
  • Content creators, filmmakers, DPs and cinematographers
  • Post production, colorists, audio engineers
  • Cinema exhibitors
  • Government and military end users
  • Professional and commercial end users
  • Universities and technology development centers

Who should attend:

  • CTOs
  • CEOs and Sr. Executives
  • Technologists
  • Technical sales and marketing
  • Product development
  • Metrology
  • Standards and professional associations
  • Scientists
  • Engineering heads
  • University professors
  • Government and military program managers