2017 Display Summit – Agenda

2017 Display Summit will feature a symposium part as well as exhibitions.  We are currently in a “Call for Papers” phase and will post the tentative agenda this summer.  Anticipated sessions will include:

Component Technology
components to immersive projection or body-worn systems

LED Technology and Video Walls
focus on innovations in LED technology and screens like quantum dots, black level and HDR

Virtual Reality
focus on VR headsets and solutions for training, simulation and entertainment

Advanced Displays
focus on light field, holographic and volumetric display technology and pipeline for delivery

focus on Visualization and simulation display technology

Dome theaters
trends in blend/warp, resolution, contrast, pipeline, content

Multi-camera capture
focus on technology and trends in outside-in volumetric arrays for 3 DoF and 6 DoF capture

Augmented Reality
focus on headset technology and applications

Pixel Pipeline
trends in CPU, GPUs for needs in simulation, visualization, AR, VR and MR

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