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4K vs 4K UHD vs WQ/120

Resolution is one of the key performance parameters of a projector, and the projector industry continuously aims to increase it. Native high resolution in projectors demands spatial light modulators (SLMs) with a very high pixel count. Such a high pixel

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Light Field Streaming Workshop Added to Display Summit

August 17, 2017 – Insight Media and Third Dimension Technologies announce that the next edition of the Streaming Media for Field of Light Displays (SMFoLD) workshop will now be added to the Display Summit event taking place in Sterling Virginia. 

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Large Area LED Displays; How Direct View LED Becomes a Real Threat to DLP?

The large area display technology world laughed in 1994 when DLP was presented as the an alternative to CRT and LCD projection; even film projection for Hollywood.  From rear projection television to business projectors to cinema projection solutions, step by

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HDR10 / HDR10+ SoC for TVs

Dr. Erwin Bellers Fellow Engineer Sigma Designs High Dynamic Range (HDR) has captured the attention of many. If implemented properly, it enriches the viewing experience to a new level we have not seen in many years. Although this is all

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Forecast and Trends for Quantum Dots and QLED / HDR TVs

Ross Young and Bob O’Brien Co-Founders Display Supply Chain Consultants Presented by Chris Chinnock, Insight Media This first part of this presentation will examine the quantum dot and OLED production supply chain, especially capacities and costs. There is no doubt

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Development of a Display Agnostic Standard for Streaming 3D Media

The Air Force has identified a need for the creation of a common streaming model for 3D data including a scene description protocol and transmission format that is agnostic to the display technology at the end user. The standards effort

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Bright Lights of the City – Current state of HDR Calibration for Post-Production, Broadcast and Home Entertainment Displays – A Status Report

Marcel Gonska EMEA Business Development / Calibration Evangelist Portrait Displays / SpectraCal Color accuracy from glass to glass is the biggest concern of every artist, broadcaster and production studio. With new display technologies and HDR methods literally coming to market

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Color in Next Generation MicroLED Microdisplays

For Augmented Reality (AR) to fulfill its enormous potential, the market demands highly mobile, untethered, discreet and stylish head mounted displays (HMDs) or “cooler glasses.”  But while sophisticated optical, diffractive or holographic waveguides can now superimpose a microdisplay image onto

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