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What’s the Definition of an Immersive Display?

I have been talking to people a lot about immersive displays lately. That’s because the next Display Summit will have this as a focus theme. Most people think of Virtual Reality when you say immersive display, but I think the

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Future-Proofing Training Systems: How Today’s Solutions Can Work with Tomorrow’s Hardware.

Training systems need to be useful for many years. VR technology, in contrast, changes a couple of times per year. This creates a challenge for integrators. Today’s hardware might not be available in a few years. There may be significant

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The Next Wave Towards Unrestricted 3D

HoloVizio 3D light-field display technology uses a specially arranged array of projection optical modules combined with a holographic screen to reconstruct the complete 3D light field. With proper control, light beams leaving the points of the hologram screen propagate in

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Color Conversion Solution for Full Color Micro-LED Displays

Micro-LED display has been getting a lot of attention in the last couple years due to its potential to deliver high peak brightness while consuming significantly less power than any of the existing display solutions. Combined with its fast response

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Potential and Applications of Real-Time Holography Based on Sub-Hologram Encoding

Holography is the only way that enables 3D Displays with real full depth information without any accommodation-convergence conflict. As light is more efficiently managed than in conventional backlit displays, compact and energy efficient holographic systems are highly attractive for direct

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