Display Summit

Insight Media organizes a number of industry trade events focused on emerging display related technologies, products and opportunities.  These events focus on the latest advancements in projection and flat panel displays as well as pixel processing and distribution of signals.

Coming in 2017:

2017 Display Summit: Oct. 4-5, Sterling, Virginia

Previous events include:

  • Display Summit China 2008, 2016
  • Display Summit 2014-2016
  • HDR Today and Tomorrow 2016
  • Stream Media for Field of Light Displays Workshop 2016
  • Projection Summit 2002-2013
  • Megapixel Summit 2013, 2014
  • SMPTE Business Conference 2013
  • 3D BizEx 2009-2011
  • Green Display Expo 2009
  • HDTV Business Conference 2006
  • HDTV Forum 2003-2004

Insight Media events thought leadership symposiums that bring together leading innovators in technologies for the pixel pipeline to give presentations, share demos, and participate in panel discussions on new technology, products, markets and business opportunities for professional products.